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Review of RegCure by – ParetoLogic
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RegCure by ParetoLogic is a well recognized high end registry repair tool. It scans the registry very rapidly (in less than two minutes, depending on the amount of files being scanned), automatically creating a backup before each time items are removed from the registry. 

In back to back to back comparison scans, it consistently picked up the same number of errors in all three scans, something that not all registry utilities can boast. This means it is catching the same errors and not eliminating errors or missing ambiguous errors from a previous scan. We have seen some registry cleaners, for example, register 115 errors on the first run (without correcting), 97 errors on the second run (again without correcting the errors), and 104 errors on a third run. Such inconsistency does not show up in the scans done by RegCure.

One delightful feature it contains that many of the other high end registry cleaners do not is that it can be programmed to scan your registry so that you never have to bother with running it manually. And, you can set up this feature to occur however many times you prefer: once a day, twice a day, twice a week, five times a week, whatever you decide. In other words, you can set it and forget it, while it runs in the background at its appointed time intervals. You just need to make sure your computer is ON and running during the times you've choosen to scan. RegCure box

While RegCure is a powerful program in the things it does perform, when put up against other high end repair tools it lacks some of the extra features that many of the other programs include. But then, this isn't really that critical a point as it does contain all the most popular and essential features that other comparable programs include. 

With RegCure you have the ability to maintain and operate: a Settings feature, a Backup feature, and a Manage Startup feature. While it may have been nice if it also contained a Browser Help Object Manager, many times this feature is ignored by users anyway. A description of each of these features and how they work is included in the Help Files. Speaking of which...

The onboard Help File is another feature that will please most users of this program. This file can lead you through all the main operational features included in RegCure and how to use them. It comes in handy as you do not need to be online (as with many of the other programs) in order to access it. It is a well written and straightforward Help File, easy to read and understand.

One feature that RegCure has which many other high end programs do not have is a system restore point feature for both Windows XP and Vista. When this is selected from the Settings area, a system restore point is created before the "fix errors" process begins. Rather than have to go in through the Windows Start button and navigate to the area where this can be set up in Windows, RegCure can expedite this function of Windows with one click of the mouse button. Also located in the settings area, you can check for program updates and set your registry cleaner for automatic repair.

When you begin to look at this program in more depth, it is plain to see that a lot of thought and effort went into the user-friendly design of RegCure. Not only is it an excellent error scanner, picking up many more errors than some other scanners on the market, it also helps simplify many of the tasks that the normal user would be concerned with.

Whatever it lacks in the extra features that other high end programs contain, it more than makes up for in its user-friendly interface, which helps users take advantage of all the power that this program has to offer. And that's saying a lot, especially when you consider that a great many of the high and low end programs out there are woefully lacking when it comes to helping the user understand how to get the most out of their product.

You won't go wrong in choosing RegCure as your registry cleaner. With the main features it contains combined with its powerful ability to find and fix registry errors and invalid entries, your Windows registry will be easily maintained, keeping your machine fast and light on its feet. For the money, this program delivers the goods and then some.

Click on the RegCure link to learn more about this incredibly effective utility for cleaning your registry.