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Review of ErrorSmart by – AntiSpyware LLC
: 4.0/5 stars     Price: $19.95 4.0 star pic

One of the first things one notices about ErrorSmart is that it has a user-friendly graphical user interface. While retaining a back and forward arrow at the top of its graphic, it also allows the user to go back and forth between the icons for the Home, Settings, Backup, and Utilities features. If you don't return to the place you were expecting to by using the back/forward arrow, you can always just click on the appropriate icon feature and find your way back to where you started. 

ErrorSmart is one of a trio of programs which have a suspiciously similar search algorithm and results output. In our testing, we found essentially the same results as were gathered here by ErrorSmart also being delivered by both the RegSweep and RegClean registry cleaner utilities. In each case, the graphic box used to deliver the results was identical in design between the three programs.  ErrorSmart box

Interestingly enough, each of these three programs are being handled by the same middleman promotional company. It gives the impression that they may be different versions of what is essentially the same program being marketed to different segments of the market, with RegClean and ErrorSmart being sold to an economy-minded market while RegSweep is being marketed to a higher end user. 

All this aside, in looking at the ErrorSmart program itself, it delivers more than adequate registry cleaning capabilities on par with and perhaps even exceeding the other two programs already mentioned here. Where ErrorSmart parts ways with its two cloaned partner programs is in the extra features it has available. ErrorSmart's Utilities area contains a Browser Helper Object Manager, a Startup Program Manager, an Add/Remove Program Manager, and a Full Registry Backup Utility. And because of this, for the money, ErrorSmart, of the three, would seem to be the better buy!

As with similar registry cleaning programs, ErrorSmart performs an automatic backup of the scanned results before fixing the files. Don't look for much program support from this software maker. The onboard Help button takes you to a two page online tutorial which is essentially set up to help people register the program and to perform their first scan. If there can be said to be a fault in ErrorSmart, it lies in the lack of documentation and instruction regarding how the program operates. It seems to assume that the user will figure these processes out intuitively.

Overall, ErrorSmart provides a more than adequate registry repair tool which includes a few extra feature frills at a bargain basement price. Even though the Help documention is inadequate, the operation of the program should be relatively easily learned through its intuitive graphic user interface.

ErrorSmart delivers not only a fast and clean registry repair tool, but the included extra features give it more value for the money. There may be other registry cleaners on the market that deliver more power in terms of the depth they look at for errors, but our testing has shown that in addition to picking up the essential errors ErrorSmart also finds a number of errors that some of the less powerful programs ignore. All this adds up to a more complete scanning experience for the end user, boosing ErrorSmart into the middle of the pack in comparison with other registry repair tools.

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